A Brief History  

IN 1946, BISHOP WILLGING purchased a two square block area for church, rectory, school,

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playground, parking lot, and landscaping. Rev. Joseph Warnat was appointed pastor, and he supervised the work and contributed his artistic talents. The cornerstone was laid January 2,1949. The church seated 400 parishioners and cost $150,000.00. The Shrine of St. Thérèse was named for the principal patroness of the Pueblo Catholic Diocese.
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In September 1949, a school was opened with 60 students grades first through eighth. The enrollment increased and in 1956, an all-purpose building was built to accommodate the 300 students and 750 families. In 1971, the parochial schools in Pueblo were closed.

Our Priests

Priests of the Diocese who served as pastors at the Shrine of St. Thérèse since 1948 were the following:

  • Msgr. Joseph F. Warnat; October, 1948 through November, 1973
  • Rev. Frederick D. Dean; November, 1973 through June, 1974
  • Msgr. George T. Holland; June, 1974 through July, 1981
  • Msgr. Peter F. Maas; September, 1972 through June, 1984
  • Rev. Louis C. Stovik; July, 1975 through July, 1983
  • Rev. Paul P. Mendrick; July, 1981 through August, 1984
  • Rev. Joseph McGuinness; July, 1983 through September, 1992
  • Rev. Leo Bonfadini; August, 1984 through June, 1987
  • Rev. Edward Petit; July, 1987 through July, 1989
  • Rev. Vicente Paz en la Casa; September, 1992 through June, 2003
  • Rev. William "Liam" Courtney; July, 2003 through June 2011
  • Msgr. Edward Nunez:  July 2011 to present
Click to view full size picture.A building fund was started in 1989 to build a new church. It wasClick to view a full picture completed in October, 1994. The old semi-basement church was demolished. The ground plan for the new Shrine of St. Thérèse Church is similar to that of the first St. Peter's built in Rome by Emperor Constantine. The decorative style and motifs are based on the simple beauty found in the home of St. Thérèse in Alencon and in the Carmelite Convent in Lisieux, France.


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